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I’m Lori Mestas writer, producer and original director/choreographer of Tarney’s Christmas. Over the past 20 years we have produced Tarney’s Christmas 6 times: As a church event, a children’s theatre production and as outreach to orphanages and children’s hospitals. We have seen tremendous fruit with this production and as a result decided to share it with others! 

Having been a drama director of a church for 10 years I always found myself asking the $64,000 question…  What are we going to do for Christmas this year? I’m sure anyone who puts on yearly Christmas production knows what I mean!  It is difficult to find something fresh and exciting that serves as a tool to draw both young and old.  At least that was the case until Tarney’s Christmas came along! 

What makes Tarney’s a tremendous draw is the amount of children in the cast. Children are so endearing that both children and adults like to see them perform. People who would never darken a church door will come and see their grandchild, niece, nephew, student, neighbor, etc. perform in a show. In our last run of Tarney’s Christmas we had 2000 people attend of which half had never been in our church before. So not only are they seeing a fun and uplifting Christmas show, they are hearing the gospel, getting saved and being introduced to a church that could ultimately become their home. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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